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【夢者舞台 DSTAGE’s Concert Rainbow】

2017-09-28 08:58:30

【夢者舞台 DSTAGE’s Concert Rainbow】

“I am crazy because I have a dream.” The word, dream, could seem to be a bit head in the clouds but DSTAGE, a non-profit programme aims to encourage dreamers to realize their aspirations and wild thoughts through this rare opportunity by creating a platform to give support to all dreamers. 

To support this good cause and help embracing the idea, Metropolitan Lifestyle group is proud to sponsor 夢者舞台 DSTAGE’s concert Rainbow. By having Phil Lam 林奕匡, JW 王灝兒 and Supper Moment as the concert guest performers to help spreading the idea, we are pleased to announce that 夢者舞台 DSTAGE’s concert marked a perfect ending at Macpherson Stadium on 15th September. 

Once again, we would like to thank all dreamers who took their precious time to the concert, and we hope more dreamers be inspired to pursue their dreams and take them in action!

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